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http://www.jaysongaddis.com/2010/11/the-shamanic-view-of-mental-illness/ →

Great article about how ‘mental illness’ is treated in our, Western culture and how it is honored as a gift in others.

How To Handle Drunk Girls Passed Out On Your Couch →

http://www.altdaily.com/features/137-entertainment1/lifestyle52/6646-the-shamanic-priestess-process-a-mother-and-daughter-walking-the-path-together →

An article in our local Alternative, Online mag about the Shamanic Priestess Process. Give it a read. Come join our circle.

The Path of the Shamanic Priestess | Facebook →

New Shamanic Priestess Circle, facilitated by the amazing Anyaa McAndrew, beginning May 17th in Chesapeake, VA. 

Initiations in the Shamanic Priestess Process →

The Legacy of Women | MYSTICMAMMA.COM : consciousness, spirituality, wisdom, inspiration new →

Fabulous excerpt from a fabulous book.

Chesapeake Shamanic Priestess Circle →

Home Schooled

Homeschooled: How American Homeschoolers Measure Up
Source: TopMastersInEducation.com

Out of the Frying Pan… turned 2 today!

Out of the Frying Pan… turned 2 today!

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Sanitea for Kicking Those Middle Aged Blues →